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just finished taking the act practice test i am exhausted:(((

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lucy liu


television gives you the opportunity to have roles that are written for women that are in a wider spectrum than in film.

lucy liu for schon! magazine // photos by marku&koala

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SO i was at the theater and oh mY gOD boys in vests do things to me………..

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also i saw my math teacher there lol

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so i just got back from wicked and two things: 

1. i am emotionally compromised like i literally feel dead inside 

2. i am not kidding you i literally have a huge crush on the way the person who played Elphaba played elphaba like you think i’m kidding but i left the theater and i feel like i just went through a terrible breakup because i’ll never be able to interact with her like i’m not doing okay these are real feelings i haven’t ever felt before 

3. actually adding one more but how the hELL is my first legitimate crush on a girl that’s between the fictional world and the real world because it’s literally a combination of both i’m not kidding i literally have feelings for her???

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Off to see the wizard!! Actually more like off to see Glinda because I’m seeing WICKED FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

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madd talk

gina and i have a…. unique relationship 

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two college fairs in the next month holla 

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i have two Bs right now and that is not:(((((

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