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DOOOO IT! So much fun but try to get an even line because when you cut it off and it’s uneven then you might still have some red in your hair!

AHHH!!! I’m gonna talk to my hair person about it bc i want permanent bc temporary will be too difficult to keep up so i might do this!!! 

also that sounds like person experience from your blue ends? hahaha! 

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So I think I’m gonna dye the ends of my hair red

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12-year-olds are legally NOT HOT. So there’s your answer.


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2013^                                                2014^

do i look older and am i hot yet 

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pendragon armor (x)

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Catch a revolution, now you’re waging war again
Marching on the spot when you should have made amends

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junior year is the worst because you’re sO CLOSE but not close at aLL 

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I just wanna get laid jfc 

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The Magic Begins: Dóri’s Favourite Scene - Harry Potter: Flying around Hogwarts feat. Buckbeak

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